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Why Jon Hamm is the BEST choice for Batman in Batman vs Superman.

Let us first look at the actor, I take this quote from Wikipedia, “Hamm used memories of his father to portray Draper,[28] a well-dressed, influential figure in business and society[8] hiding great inner turmoil[2] and facing changes in the world beyond his control.” just to explain that Jon Hamm and his alter-ego Don Draper have a history of great men in power who are just facades. We know from watching Mad Men, Don Draper is a false name for Jon Hamm’s character, a character Dick Whitman has played since he returned from the war. Bruce Wayne is the Donald Draper of Batman.

Bruce died the same day his parents did, thus creating this false persona, Dick had a different upbringing but the facade is still there. A brilliant rich man in power who is a ladies man and playboy, but on the inside a deep sulking emotional unstable beast. I feel Jon Hamm has the part down with his tenure as Donald Draper. I feel he can bring both Bruce Wayne and Batman to justice. There are other actors up for the part that truly would do great but they would only have one side of the coin. Jeffery Dean Morgan, Josh Brolin, Karl Urban, Joe Manganiello, etc. DO NOT have the Bruce Wayne side down. I can see Batman as a few of those being AMAZING! BUT they wouldn’t be able to flip the coin. Jon Hamm was bred for this role and I feel he will knock it out of the park, creating something we never thought would happen, a perfect batman movie……… thoughts?Image


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